Finding Growth in Discomfort

I want to kick this off with a little backstory of mine. How it all started.

Dec 4, 2023

3 min

As a designer, I have been working in this field for over a decade now. I have always been employed, but very eager to create things on the side. So this is what I did. I created many side projects, like around 20 personal websites for my own site, and tried various businesses like blogs, mobile apps, and more, but somehow things never got as serious as they are now. My mindset and how I look at things and act on them had a tremendous impact on my own life. It changed everything for me and my business. I know, that this might sound weird or philosophical, but trust me. Developing a solid mindset is very important.

Habits equal in Consistency

Probably the most powerful weapon you can develop is effective habits, which are very hard to develop and keep consistent. Try installing effective habits in your life that help your business. In my example, this was especially showing up on Twitter every day and giving value to my audience or showing them something new they might like. After I showed up every day, so many new opportunities came up, I could not even imagine that before I started doing it. Follow the process, day by day. One day you will find yourself in new heights.

Leave your Comfort Zone

Personally, this one was the toughest for me. From nature, I am more of an introverted person. So leaving my comfort zone was a pain in the ass. Every time. But I kept pushing myself to do so. And it was the best thing that could happen to me, what followed after.

If you are a person who is still stuck in your own comfort zone, I’d start small. Try things that make you feel uncomfortable. This does not have to be in business. It can be all sorts of things in life that make you uncomfortable. This could be talking to people you don’t know, or tweeting something every day. I am sure you already have something in mind. After you are able to face those smaller fears, take on bigger ones. For me, this was posting my first video on YouTube, after I was able to post consistently on Twitter. Both combined created so many new possibilities for myself, that changed my landscape completely. I’m not posting many videos, but this helped me to get rid of my fear of showing my face online.


Develop effective habits that help your business on a daily basis. Try to escape your comfort zone and magical things will happen.

I believe in you. And you should too.

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