Growth Hacks for Digital Products

Today, I'm pulling back the curtain on my personal playbook for transforming my Framer website template business into a thriving online hub that has made me roughly $50K already this year.

Dec 4, 2023

4 min

The Twitter Effect

I kicked off with building a Twitter presence, and let me tell you, the early bird does get the worm. If you haven't started yet, make today Day One. Use engaging content, interact with followers, and watch your audience blossom—it’s a game-changer for visibility and traffic. Nobody will find you, your services, or your products if you are not showing up for them!

Affiliate Army

With a squad of 40 affiliates, my products are hitting the market with a bang, and sales are going higher and higher. If you're not utilizing affiliates yet, start recruiting. Provide them with all they need to succeed—it’s a win-win. As one of my affiliates, you get up to 20-30% of every sale you make. Sharing is caring!

Product Hunt Launches

Product Hunt is the rave for software launches but for my templates? Not the perfect fit. Yet, if you've got software up your sleeve, don't miss out on this launchpad. It could skyrocket your user base overnight.

Freemium or Not?

Freemium models can build vast user bases—and fast. While my shop stays premium, I’m eyeing a freebie to grow my newsletter list. If you're on the fence, consider releasing a free version to capture leads and upsell later. If you are a Framer affiliate, for example, you can make a good amount of money with affiliate revenue from free website templates. Could be a very good opportunity!

SEO: The Sleeping Giant

I'm waking up to the SEO game late, but I'm ready to play. If your SEO needs a boost, start with keyword research, optimize your content, and track your rankings. An upward shift in SEO could mean an upward shift in sales. This is my biggest weakness currently. Up for big improvements!

Time’s Ticking Offers

Limited-time offers have been my secret sauce for spiking sales on special days. Tip: schedule these deals around holidays and events for maximum impact. It’s like a sales adrenaline shot. A few examples: Black Friday, Easter, Christmas, New Year, you name it...

Trust-Building Landing Pages

My recent landing page revamp for isn't just a pretty face. It's loaded with testimonials to build trust and prime my site for better SEO. Always be optimizing, folks.


Every hack here is a key that could unlock the next level for your digital products. But remember, it’s not just about a single tactic; it’s a symphony of them playing together that creates a crescendo of success. Start tuning your instruments, and let the music play!

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