How I use Artificial Intelligence

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share a bit about AI tools I’ve been using that have truly been game-changers in my daily work. Using AI tools to support me in what I do.

Dec 4, 2023

5 min

Open AI's ChatGPT

I have a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. It has become a daily assistant of mine in various tasks. I use it for coding, ideation, and text generation and use its computing power for tasks that would take me way longer, like summing up an article or so. Here is how I use it in more detail:


There are days when creativity seems just out of reach. It happens to the best of us. During such moments, I've found ChatGPT to be a reliable ally. It helps me brainstorm, providing different perspectives and ideas I might not have thought of on my own.

Streamlining My Words

While design is my primary focus, the need for precise and compelling text often arises. ChatGPT has been instrumental in helping me draft and refine content, saving me hours of pondering over the right words.

Naming Made Simpler

Finding the perfect name for a project can sometimes be the hardest part. With ChatGPT, I've been able to generate a range of suitable options, cutting down the time and stress that naming often brings.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Working on international projects means occasionally grappling with translation. ChatGPT has been a valuable tool, helping me bridge language gaps and ensuring my designs resonate globally.


You are right, I even use ChatGPT for research purposes. This can be user research or general research. Because it can imagine everything you want it to be, it can also give you the right answers.


I create websites with Framer, which is based on React. I can't write React myself very well, that's why I ask ChatGPT to code me an override quite often. Very handy to have a developer in my pocket!

What's important when using ChatGPT?

The most important thing to do is give it some good context. Context is king here! Otherwise, every output will end up generic and lame.

Role: Give ChatGPT a specific role it needs to be in. Like a 25 years old designer, living in New York, who doesn't have much money and who is looking for ways to make more money. He knows a lot about web technology and is building websites for a living. (Extend this further on...)

Your task: Now that ChatGPT knows who it is, you can tell it what its task is.

Output: Lastly, you need to tell it what you want as the desired output. This can be a list, summary, article, story, email, you name it...


Incorporating ChatGPT into my process has brought a mix of efficiency and fresh insights. It’s not about replacing the human touch, but rather enhancing it. And in the hustle and bustle of solopreneurship, every bit of support counts.

Thanks for allowing me to share a snippet of my evolving journey with you. I appreciate each of you being a part of it.

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