Positioning is Everything

Although, I always tried and launched dozens of businesses in the past 12 years as side hustles. None of them were successful. Every single one failed.

Dec 4, 2023

5 min

In 2021, I started to make a change, and sincerely, everything began to move. Finally, after 12 years of trial and error, 10 failed businesses later, I landed a hit! It seemed like I found something at the right time, with the right skills, at the right place, and the right moment. Remember to follow these words while reading today's issue: Timing, Skill, Location, and Moment(um). Seems like I positioned myself right the first time. And this was clear to me only now. And it makes so much sense.

Just as a spider carefully chooses the perfect place to weave its net, we must also position ourselves wisely in life. The spider's success lies not only in its skillful net building, but also in choosing the right place and time to catch its prey.

Similarly, in life, the right combination of skill, timing, and location can lead to great success. Like a spider, we need to understand our environment and match our talents with the opportunities that present themselves to turn the right time and place into a successful occasion.


Let me explain my own story a bit further so you get the point. In 2021, I started to post actively on Twitter. Before, I've never posted much on any social platform. My first mistake. I was invisible to any customers, clients or, thus, new friends. Nobody will ever find you, your service or products if you are not showing up somewhere.

Actionable tip: Start posting valuable content on Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. This will put your face in front of people's faces. With this, you are located in the right place in case a new opportunity arises.


With my past as a Webflow developer and expert since 2017, and designer since 2012, I already know how to build good websites with HTML and CSS. When Framer came up, the learning curve was zero, thanks to working many years in Figma and Webflow. This gave me the skills to take up this opportunity when it dropped.

Actionable tip: Develop a high-income skill to serve online. Like design, development, writing, sales, SEO, UX design, or content creation. I'm sure you will find something that suits your talents or education.


With my strong technical and design skills, I decided to give Framer a try in their pivoted beta release and built my first Framer trial project: A copy of my past portfolio from back then. Framer felt so good, it was like a fresh breeze. I decided to give it a try and started to build my first templates and client projects back in early 2022. I shared everything I was working on during these years on Twitter as well. Things got traction pretty fast.

Actionable tip: Always seek out new opportunities. Be aware of what's going on in your market or industry. This can be on YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn. As soon as you see something popping up, catch it!


I'm deeply convinced, that momentum is the result of location x skill x time. If you're at the right place, and find the right moment paired with the right skills, you position yourself to attract possibilities. This is not luck. Your whole journey, your self-developed character, and your life situation play heavily into this.

You're just lucky? Wrong. You positioned yourself right!

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