Website Relaunch

I designed a completely new website experience for WWZ, setting another milestone in the history of WWZ. A new user-oriented design together with a simplified information architecture creates optimized user journeys and a top-notch user experience.
UX/UI Designer
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The Platform

WWZ's new website is state of the art: It is clean, simple structured and supports customers in an emotional way, e.g. with the innovative Conversational Assistant. The assistant communicating with the users brings them directly and quickly to the desired destination in the form of a conversational user interface.

A quick search function offers users suitable results before they have even clicked on Enter. With just a few clicks, visitors can find the product they need and, if they wish, be taken directly to the order process. In addition, the website provides exciting stories and interesting information on the subject of energy and sustainability in its own blog.

Emotional 3D Worlds

On the WWZ website, a series of 3D visual animations bring the abstract product world and the range of services to life.