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Become an even more valuable designer with learning Webflow.

Pick my brain about anything you'd like to know about Webflow and your project. You can also ask me for feedback on your implementation.

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1 to 1 approach

1:1 Approach

We will talk about your issues and I will give you specific guidance and instructions to overcome your Webflow obstacles.

Flexible Appointments

Flexible Appointments

Choose your date from a variety of options available up to 60 days in advance. No need to stick to a fixed schedule.

Quick Improvements

Quick Improvements

You will learn very quickly how to deal with things and we can also make live changes on your project in the call.

Your Coach

Cédric Moore
Designer. Minimalist.
Webflow Enthusiast.

Cédric is over 10 years into design and has a design, but also a technical background. Certified in requirements engineering and interaction design, he’s working as a UX/UI designer and is pushing the boundaries of the web. Always striving to create premium, fulfilling and minimalist experiences that connect brands with the desire of their users.

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You won’t ever need a web developer again. Build your website on your own. Without the need of code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there some more costs except the coaching?

Webflow is free until you launch. So no more costs. Except you want to use 3rd party tools. These often cost something, but you won't need them to learn Webflow.

Is there a possibility to record the session so that I can take it with me?

If you wish that the session be recorded we can do that. I will forward you the screencast after the call. No problem!

What are the terms of cancellation?

You can cancel 24h before our call over the link in the confirmation email you got from Calendly.

Are you also coaching in UX/UI design?

I also coach designers in the field of UX/UI & human-computer interaction design. If you are interested just drop me an email and I will contact you directly.

How long is one coaching session?

One coaching session takes about 1 hour. You can also book multiple in a row if you need more time.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you don't need to know how to code. Webflow's goal has always been, to let you create websites without using code. Whatsoever, you can use custom code to extend the functionality of your website. But it's not a must.

Where will we meet for the coaching?

We will meet in Google Meet or Zoom. If you wish something else, please let me know in your booking details.

What are the payment options?

I accept credit card payments. All secure & provided by Stripe.

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel our session 24h before our actual call. Please always tell me why you canceled. Thank you!