migrolino AG sets new convenience and experience standards. The company strives to exceed the expectations of its customers every day with innovative and far-sighted trading. The attractive assortment and the many services make life easier for mobile customers, as the diverse range covers all important areas of daily needs and offers everything for quick and easy shopping in between.


The core of the fresh website is the store finder. Completely tailored to the needs of customers and of course, mobile-first optimised. The simple and intuitive navigation and the reduced structure make migrolino.ch a fast and useful information platform. This means that the nearest stores, including route planners, opening hours, current promotions and offers, services, or even specific information such as e-charging stations, can be displayed and found in a short time.


Mobile first

Das neue Design wird durch die geshooteten migrolino-Momente, die neu entwickelten Icons und die bolde Typografie ergänzt. Der UX-Baukasten steht den weiteren migrolino-Brands mio und migrolino AG zur Verfügung, die ebenfalls einem Relaunch unterzogen wurden. Für noch mehr Emotionalität und individuelle Genussmomente. migrolino – das Convenience Haus der Migros.


Lights off

The switch from light to dark mode is automatic depending on the system setting and offers an optimal user experience for all lighting conditions.


Provided Services

UX Design, UI Design, Interactive Art Direction, Mobile Design, Interaction Design, Motion Design, Iconography & Design System.

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